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Tradition and Experience

Founded in 1875 our company has specialised in felt production and felt processing. We rank among the leading enterprises in felt-manufacturing and the processing industry today, whose reputation admits at our customers beyond Europe.

On the continuous way of progress, a quality and enviroment management system as well as new innovations are obliged to meet the demands of ISO/TS 16949:2002 and DIN EN ISO 14001:1996 . This applies to our products (e.g. new materials) as well as to our processes.

We codesign the future

We are a supplier for many various industries, e. g. the music/piano -, or the woodworking industry, general mechanical engineering and technical trades/ dealers, construction industry and many, wider ranges apart from the automobile industry (both manufacturers and suppliers). As felt-processing enterprise we offer versatile applicable, technical felt products with many material properties. Thus our products offer various possibilities and are available in many qualities and delivery kinds (form, color, thickness, execution, etc.).

Ecology and Environment

Woven Felt consist of 100% of natural fibers (pure sheep wool, animal hairs and or wool fibers from spinning mills as well as a small portion of viscose rayon fibers) and can be supplied or recycled thereby after the end of the product life cycle heedlessly has been reached. Sort purity guarantees that synthetic needled felt and fleeces can be supplied likewise heedlessly after their actual intended purpose. The terms ecology and environmental protection are not only a cliché, in our company they are filled with life.

Felt - a classic material with future!

Obligation and Responsbility

"Our company has grown constantly with our customers' and business' relations, beyond the German and European market.
Thus cause obligations and responsibility for our products and to our service.
By listening to our customers' demands, we can improve and focus our processes and products permanently on our customers. Satisfaction in all aspects is important to us!"

Hans-Guenter Hildebrandt

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