Felt production

Which looks apparently difficult in the production is actually simple. Nevertheless without experience the important process steps remain nevertheless hidden - but that will remain our business! Here we want to give you a rough overview of the manufacturing process of felt.

Wool Mixture

For different qualities different mixtures of wool or animalhairs are laid out and laminated depending upon mixing proportion, mixed up by machine and blown in a stock chamber.

Milling Machine

By feed tapes the wool is automatically fed from stores to the milling machine and is converted into fleeces here.


Depending on the quality of the felt, the fleeces are manufactured and crossed in different strengths and lengths.

Felt Machine

Prefabricated fleeces are felted with humidity, warmth, pressure with circular or shaking movements of the felting machine.


In the next process step the felted material is kneaded, thus the felt process is continued. Here again warm water is supplied, in order to accelerate the milling process. During this manufacturing step thickness, width and length of the felt are paid attention exactly, because this is the step where the afterwards sold felt is influenced decisively.

Further handling steps

After the milling process felt will be washed and dried with 80 - to dry 100 °C (176 to 212° F). That can take several days e. g. thick felt plates (starting from 100 mm of thickness). At least the felt will be sheared or "ironed", if necessary, to get a smooth surface. Now the felt can be packed and delivered.

Never mind, manufacturing felt requires many individual handling steps, which are carefully co-ordinated one after the other. Therefore this short summary gives only a rough overview of the manufacturing steps. If you have further questions to our products, our applications, to certain qualities, do not hesitate and contact us.

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