Samples and samplecards

Please keep in mind that the color deviate on your computer screen. To be sure to get the right color card for our sample cards first. Changes of some colors are possible.


Samplecard Firmness

You will get felt samples with the same color raw white and different specific weights.


Colorcard Decoration Felt

You will get more colors on the backside of this samplecard. Our feltcloth is about 1800 mm wide an it's weight is between 230 / 250 gr/mtr. The roll length of each color is maximal 60 mtr.


Samplecard Orthopadics

We collected all our felt for orthopadic purposes on this samplecard. Padding prostheses with air-permeable felt. Equip from wheelchairs, or other aids in the orthopedic industry


Samplecard 446

Different mottled qualities are presented on this samplecard. You can get these qualities in different thicknesses and densities.


Samplecard 412 Piano

Qualities for Instrument Industry.


Samplecard 447

Raw white qualities in different thicknesses and densities.


Samplcard 450

Needle- and other felt of different quality.


Samplecard KB-Filz Nr. 125

Riding? Perhaps you have already ridden on our saddlepads or rodeopads.


The representation of the colors is not accurately shown by the photos. Therefore we ask to order exclusively according the original color maps, which you can request from us.

Melange deviations

Belonging to production conditions we have deviations with gray colored woven felt. Color deviations, e. g. (bright -, dark -) gray can not be avoided. If necessary please request samples from a current felt load, so that we know this material fulfill your requirements. Then We can reserve this load for you for a time periode.

Further sample cards

Ask us even for further sample cards. Because of constant demands of our customers we want to placed appropriate sample cards for anxious industry branches or other specialized groups, which are (still) not shown here.

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