Technical wool felt can be found in almost all machines, whether small or large. Our felts ensure constant cleaning or lubricating action, as desired – on the smallest electric motor and on the largest cold-rolling mill! The use of felt ensures the long service life of machinery or the good quality of a surface. Whether as rings, strips or punched parts produced in accordance with drawings, with thicknesses of 1 mm to 30 mm, and ranging in hardness from soft as cotton wool to unyielding hardness – there are almost no limitations to the range of possible applications.

Wool felts have been used as seals for a long time. In the drive and ball bearing sectors, there are standardised ranges of rings and strips that are used in pillow block frames, for example. Engineering traders are significant purchasers of these products.

In the steel and sheet-metal sectors, felt is mainly used for cleaning, wiping or braking. Even the smallest dust particles can be removed, along with other liquid substances. The excellent absorption properties of these products result in significantly higher service lives compared with other materials.

Other possible applications can be found in surface treatment in the glass or steel industries. Felt protects products against impacts, for example, during handling and packaging. The appearance of surfaces is improved by polishing and grinding; our polishing disks can make your products shine!

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Bakery equipment

Felt is a natural material that is safe for use with foodstuffs. For this reason, felt is used when transporting pieces of dough or pastry – both on conveyor belts, and in transport or proving baskets.

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Household devices

The dampening, insulating and absorbing properties of felt result in a lubricating or sealing component that helps to avoid vibrations and noise.

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Felt is ideal for many different kinds of packaging thanks to its ability to absorb impacts.
Felt strips and felt rings are also ideal as seals.

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Surface treatment

For polishing with delta sanders, polishing points and individual polishing bodies made of felt in various forms, e.g. for butcher’s equipment or for surface treatment of metal, glass and stone.

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