Various felt products have been in use in the building of upright and grand pianos for a long time. All around the world, our felts are used in these instruments as back and front rail strips, key covers, rest cushions, pilot bushings, axle bearings, hammerhead upper felts, stringing strips or bushing strips. Woven felts, leather and synthetic leather (e.g. Alcantara®) are also used here.

Felt is an essential part of a good piano!

There are a lot of felt parts in the mechanical works of upright and grand pianos whose purpose is to avoid irritating noises from these works. We also supply accessory parts for other instruments, such as:

  • Dampening pads for timpani and drums,
  • Wrapped felt parts in various shapes and hardnesses for drum and timpani mallets
  • Felt pads for cymbal straps and stands
  • Felts seals for organ building

Many other felt parts – whether cut, drilled, punched, ground or turned – can be found in our range. A full range of characteristics in terms of thickness and firmness is available from our comprehensive selection of materials. Here too, there are no limitations imposed on the requirements of our customers.

We would be delighted to help you choose the right material and can supply a perfectly fitting solution made from felt.

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