Did you know that felt is a real “all-rounder”?

Felt has been a natural, renewable raw material for thousands of years. It protects objects, insulates against heat and cold, protects against dust and dirt, and reduces vibrations and noise. Felt is temperature-resistant and UV-stable. It is also non-flammable and gentle on the skin. Felt is not sensitive to acids or bases, and is humidity-regulating. Felt is resilient to static loading and can control vibrations.

By now, felt is more than just a “trendsetter” and is not just used in interior design. It is finding more and more technical applications too. In the long term, felt will come to replace synthetically manufactured products again to a certain extent.

There are almost no limitations to the functions that felt can fulfil!

Products that include felt are thus present in almost all commercial sectors and there is hardly a single area of our lives where felt products cannot be found – even if they are not immediately visible!