The energy sector is booming! This industry has created jobs and new professions, and developers require new components on an almost daily basis. We participate in product development, as the demanding conditions in these systems also serve as a good test environment. In this way, we can obtain new knowledge about the durability and quality of our felts under extreme conditions, and we can then use this knowledge in the development of new products and production processes.

Our felt products are used in wind turbines (both onshore and offshore) to provide insulation, to protect against contaminants, and to oil or lubricate mechanical machine and system parts. Felt gear wheels are particularly important in this regard.

Felt strips, felt rings and individual punched parts produced in accordance with drawings

Seals to provide protection against the effects of weather (wind, sand, saltwater) Dampening/decoupling of vibrations in complex systems

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Felt gear wheels

Integrated into lubrication units as rotating gear wheels on ring gears or racks

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Filter felts

For filtering and protection of switch cabinets and system components

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